Saturday, March 17, 2012


It appears that Senator Dillard, along with many other elected and appointed officials, need to learn to accept criticism with some grace and if they did they might even learn a thing or two.

In an opinion piece written by Jerry Moore, Mr. Moore is sharing his thoughts on the redundancy of the FOID card. His piece was about revoking the FOID card.

Mr. Moore was stating the fact that FOID cards are basically a waste of the State of Illinois resources.  He never stated that there should be no background checks.  Even though you carry a FOID card a background check is required on every gun purchase in the State of Illinois.

So the question is why have a FOID card when a background check is done?

Not only is the State performing double duty what about the small business owner who owns a sporting goods store or pawn shop and has to use his limited resources to run the background check.  One would think that presenting the FOID card at the time of purchase would be sufficient.

I do not believe that FOID card information should fall under the Freedom of Information Act.  I do agree that if you void the FOID the issue goes away.

Illinois is one of the only states that requires a FOID card.

As a mother of three children, who is driving that minivan, I am all for background checks on anyone that wants to purchase a gun and I believe that the 72 hour cooling off period is necessary.

The opinion was not about background checks it was about the FOID card.

I believe that Senator Dillard just like many elected officials just don't want to hear anyone who challenges them.  Good for Mr. Moore.  He is spot on and Senator Dillard spun the topic from one of necessity to one of emotions of the public.

Please read attached opinion piece.

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