Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why DuPage County should adopt a Responsible Bidder Program

A simple step in savings taxpayers money here in DuPage would be for the County Board to adopt a Responsible Bidder Program.  A Responsible Bidder Program ensures that public dollars go to contractors that adhere to a set of accountability measures and bring well-trained employees to the job.

Some of the best contractors may not bid on a project due to favoritism or unqualified contractors bringing in a lower.  This is not good for the taxpayer.  With the RBP every contractor has equal opportunity.

Safety on the job saves the taxpayer money.  The RBP will call for all employees to have the necessary safety training and job skills.  It should be a priority that the county only hire contractors that have a proven safety record and training programs.

A RBP would require all contractors that bid on public jobs to comply with all laws with regards to doing business in Illinois. Some of these laws would be proof of Federal Employer Tax ID number or Social Security number.  Meet Equal Opportunity Employer requirements, show evidence of insurance coverage and pay prevailing wage.

A RBP is the best way for DuPage to ensure that there is fairness, protection, safety and value in the bidding process.

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