Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clean Water Initiative

This afternoon in Downers Grove, DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin introduced The 2013 Illinois Clean Water Initiative.  Governor Quinn announced that The Clean Water Initiative will  make $1 billion available through the Illinois Protection Agency's State Revolving Fund, in partnership with the Illinois Finance Authority, in low cost loans to local governments.

The Clean Water Initiative is good for the community by keeping our drinking water safe. Cleaning wastewater discharge into public waterways.  Decreasing energy costs. Meeting the high need for dealing with aging infrastructure and creating jobs.

The event was well attended.  Other than Chairman Cronin and myself the DuPage County Board was represented by Sean Noonan, District 2 and Jim Zay, District 6.  It was also great to see Downers Grove Mayor, Martin Tully,  Dowers Grove Commissioner Bob Barnett, newly elected Downers Grove Commissioner Greg Hose and Michael Cassa, President of Downers Grove Economic Development Corporation, along with a room full of representatives from all levels of local government.

For more information on The Clean Water Initiative click on link:  Illinois Clean Water Initiative

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