Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lisle Flood

For the past month I have been working with a group of residents from Lisle.  These individuals have been through a very traumatic event.  In June, a meeting was arranged with the residents, myself and a FEMA representative.   Concerns of homelessness, financial hardship, illness, levees, flood ponds and trying to get these folks back to some kind of normal, were just a few of the topics we discussed.

Since the meeting in June, I have stayed in contact with the residents.  I have made many phone calls, sent many emails and had a meeting with several of the staff at DuPage County.  I have left messages for both Senators Dillard and Connelly.  I contacted and spoke with Congressman Foster's Office as well.   This morning we had a good meeting with the Village of Lisle's Mayor Broda and trustees.

On the fourth of July I received a text message from a resident that informed me they had found a place to stay together as a family.  They had been separated since the flood.  Although this family found a safe, clean and large enough space to live, there are many families that are displaced to this day.

At this time we are working on finding these folks temporary housing.  We are also trying to find some kind of financial relief through the FEMA buyout program or other programs.

I  contacted the DuPage Health Department to obtain information on contaminated soil and health concerns caused by the flood.  For those interested you can find that information herehere  and here.

For those that are having difficulties coping with the after affects of the flood please contact DuPage County at 630-407-6500 and ask for Information and Referrals.  DuPage County staff will connect with the proper agency for your situation.

As things progress I will update the blog.

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