Thursday, October 3, 2013

Junior State of America DGS Chapter Conducting Teen Voter Education & Registration

For civically-minded teens or their parents: the Junior State of America (JSA) DGS chapter (Jimmy Grammich, president) is conducting a teen voter education and registration project. This is in conjunction with change in Illinois law that, as of 1/1/2014, makes persons age-eligible to vote in the general election of 11/4/2014 also age-eligible to vote in the primary of 3/18/2014--and able to register to do so as of 1/1. (In other words, if your 18th birthday is before 11/5/2014, then you can vote in the primary of 3/18, and register as of 1/1, even if you're still 17.)

As part of this campaign, DGS JSA will have information and, for those already eligible, please stop by the registration table at tomorrow's DGN/DGS football game.

You can learn more about the legislation here.

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  1. We need more people getting the word out concerning the new voters rights.