Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An Afternoon at the Winfield Metra Station

I spent the afternoon at the Winfield Metra Station with Tom Zapler from the DuPage Railroad Safety Committee and Dan Thomas from DuPage County Division of Transportation, to take a look at the recent safety improvements.

Safety improvements include new pedestrian paths that guide commuters away from the tracks to a  gated crossing.  Pedestrian fencing has been installed which improves separation between the commuter and the tracks.  A pedestrian tunnel allows the commuter safe passage across the tracks. "Another Train Warning System" device alerts the commuter visually and verbally that there is another or "ghost train", approaching on the adjacent track, a train they may not be able to see. These devices are installed at each of the four quadrants of the crossing.

It is very nice to see Metra and Union Pacific working together to ensure the safety of their riders.

Another TrainWarning device

Diversion Gates

Pedestrian Tunnel

Entrance to Pedestrian Tunnel

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