Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DuPage County approves contracts with lobbyists

DuPage County Procurement Ordinance requires written disclosure prior to award:
Every contractor, union or vendor that is seeking a contract with the county resulting in the aggregate amount or in excess of $25,000 shall provide all political campaign  contributions to any incumbent county board member, county board chairman or countywide elected official whose office the contract to be awarded will benefit with current and previous calendar year contributions.

A contractor that knowingly violates the disclosure requirement is subject to penalties which may include, the immediate cancellation of the contract and possible disbarment from future county contracts. 

The Daily Herald - Robert Sanchez reports

Despite the approval of the contracts, board member Elizabeth Chaplin voiced concern about All-Circo and McGuire Woods failing to disclose several campaign donations they had made to board members within the past 12 months.

“The vendors didn’t skip over the item,” she said,  “They wrote none.”

It later was learned that All-Circo in December gave in-kind contribution to Cronin.  It was for transportation valued at $1445.  Also in December, McGuire Woods donated $500 to board member Tonia Khouri.

“Whether they misunderstood the form or disregarding the form, I think it’s an issue”, said Chaplin, adding the county needs a better way of documenting campaign contributions from vendors.

You can read the full story   here.

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