Sunday, June 14, 2015

Villa Park Citizen Fire Academy 2015

The Villa Park Fire Department holds a Citizens Fire Academy once a year.  The Academy runs for nine weeks with a well prepared agenda. During the nine weeks students are doing all things related to firefighting. Working with the men and women of the fire department, they cover many interesting topics including Department History, Fire Science, Engine Operations, Emergency Medical Services, CPR /AED Certification, Hands on and Practical Training, Special Operations and Vehicle Rescue. 

The Academy offers hands on experience.  Becoming CPR/AED certified,  going into a building that is on fire and taking a part a vehicle, allows for a better  understanding of the variety of skills needed to be a firefighter. 

The Citizens Fire Academy Program is a great way to become better informed about firefighters and what they do and to build a relationship with our public safety officials.

Below is a  video from the Villa Park Citizen Fire Academy 2015.

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