Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Everything you need to know is in the details

DuPage County requires all vendors to complete a Vendor Ethics Disclosure Statement exceed the amount of $25,000. The Disclosure reads:  Every contractor, union, or vendor that is seeking or has previously obtained a contract, change orders to one (1) or more contracts, or two (2) or more individual contracts with the county resulting in an aggregate amount at or in excess $25,000, shall provide to Procurement Services Division a written disclosure of all political campaign contributions made by such contractor, union, or vendor within the current and previous calendar year to any incumbent county board member, county board chairman, or countywide elected official whose office the contract to be awarded will benefit. The contractor, union or vendor shall update such disclosure annually during the term of a multi-year contract and prior to any change order or renewal requiring approval by the county board. For purposes of this disclosure requirement, "contractor or vendor" includes owners, officers, managers, lobbyists, agents, consultants, bond counsel and underwriters counsel, subcontractors and corporate entities under the control of the contracting person, and political action committees to which the contracting person has made contributions.

 At the February 23rd Finance Committee of the DuPage County Board I mentioned concerns I had with Mackie Consultants, LLC and their failure to properly complete the Required Vendor Ethics Disclosure Statement. I stated that the Vendor Ethics Disclosure is no good if sections are left blank. I also informed the board that this was the second time I have found a Vendor Ethics Disclosure Statement missing important information. 

Earlier in that day I called the county to speak with the procurement department about the failure of Mackie Consultants, LLC to properly complete the Vendor Ethics Disclosure Statement.  Mackie Consultants had skipped over the two sections. The Vendor Ethics Disclosure Statement clearly states: A contractor or vendor that knowingly violates these disclosure requirements is subject to penalties which may include, but are not limited to  the immediate cancellation of the contract and possible disbandment from future county contracts. 

The first section reads as follows:

I have made the following campaign contributions within the current and previous calendar year: If no contributions have been made enter "NONE" below:

The second section reads as follows:

All contracts and vendors who have obtained or are seeking contracts with the county all disclose the names and contact information of their lobbyists, agents and representatives and all individuals who are or will be having contact with county officers or employees in relation to the contract or bid and shall update such disclosure with any changes.

Procurement was able to contact Mackie Consultants, LLC and have them complete a revised Ethics Disclosure with all the necessary information prior to the meeting. 

Original Disclosure With Missing Data

Revised Disclosure with all information

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