Sunday, January 29, 2012

Newspapaer Endorsements

The Dailyherald Newspaper has an interesting editorial regarding the political endorsement process.  The editorial explains about the weighty responsibility it has to engage the public.  The editorial claims they don’t issue endorsements lightly.  They separate the endorsements from their reporting and reporters.
They state the mission of any newspaper is to make the world a better place.  Most of that contribution is in the independent reporting they do.
In 2006 the Dailyherald Editorial Board had an opportunity to endorse a candidate that had a proven track of working to help the residents of DuPage.  They had the opportunity to endorse an individual that had a perfect attendance record at the DuPage Water Commission.  The Dailyherald had the opportunity to endorse an intelligent candidate that had the common sense to realize in 2006 the problems the DuPage Water Commission was headed in.  Not only did this candidate recognize the problem the candidate had a solution.  This candidate said the sales tax should be abated and the DuPage Water Commission should fall under the direction of the DuPage County Board.  This idea was presented to the Dailyherald Editorial Board in 2006 and they frowned upon the idea. The same plan former Senator Cronin and current DuPage County Board Chairman Cronin introduced to the legislature which the Dailyherald praised
The Dailyherald endorsed this candidates opponent even though it was clear in the process that the opponent did not understand the way the Bond Ordinance or the referendum read nor did the Dailyherald Editorial Board.  The opponent was under the same false idea that the sales tax was to be used for operations and maintenance of the water commission when in fact the sales tax was to be use to pay off the GO Bonds.  The water rate charged by the water commission was to be used to cover operations.
This Candidate recognized that the DuPage Water Commission was just an extra layer of government and a way to dilute tax payer money.  An entity that know one knew about or how are tax dollars where being squandered.
The Dailyherald Editorial Board will have the opportunity to make an endorsement again in the DuPage County Board 2 race.  Hopefully,  the Daiyherald Editorial staff will be better informed this time around and endorse the candidate with a proven track record of doing what is right in DuPage County since 2002.
That candidate is me, Liz Chaplin, and I would appreciate the opportunity to expand on my success at the DuPage Water Commission, and bring that same commitment and focus to do what is right for all the other issues facing the residents of DuPage County. 

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