Saturday, October 13, 2012

Breaking the Democratic Myths

Republicans like to claim that Democrats are not responsible and want others to provide for them.  Absolutely not true.  I do not believe that a part time elected officials should receive a tax payer funded pension or health benefits.  I will decline both the pension and benefits.  Ask the Republicans many of them are quick to sign up for this unnecessary drain on the tax payer.  I believe they are the same party that have a problem with full time public employees receiving pensions and benefits.

I also believe that $50,000 for a part time job of an elected official is a lot of money, too much money.  Ask the fiscally conservative DuPage County Republicans and they all believe it is fair pay.  Imagine that, fair pay.

Democrats want big government.  Simply not true.  We want a smarter government.  Some times it makes sense to consolidate units of government.   Some times it does not.  I believe that 18 county board members is too many.  I would work to reduce the number of board members from 18 to 12 or 6.   The Republicans believe otherwise they believe that 18 board members are justified.  

I have to chuckle when the DuPage Republicans claim that the local DuPage Democrats are backed by the “Democratic Machine.”
Local DuPage Democrats do not receive any support from the powers that be, financial or otherwise.  Actually our DuPage Republican Party members and their family members have received some very nice appointments from Governor Quinn.   

How about this myth that Democrats just want to spend your tax dollars.  Actually the few elected Democrats and appointed officials have done a good job at holding the fiscal line.


Another myth is that we want to bring Cook County style politics to DuPage County. Well,  it is already here. All one has to do is to look at the no bid contracts and contracts handed to political donors.

Before voting please compare the candidates. See where they stand on the issues and what they have accomplished in the past.  The DuPage Democrats have well qualified candidates.  I hope you will consider voting for us.

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