Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Race for District 2 on DuPage County Board is wide open

Liz Chaplin, 47, the lone Democratic candidate, lives in an unincorporated area near Downers Grove and long has been active in community issues. She works at a family-owned wire and cable company and served on the DuPage Water Commission from 2002 until 2010. While on that panel, she gained a reputation for scrutinizing the agency's financial statements and for questioning its reliance on a countywide sales tax, which now is being phased out.
Chaplin became interested in water issues after high levels of two industrial solvents were found in wells in her neighborhood. Her work advocating for her neighborhood prompted then-DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom to appoint her to the commission's board.
Chaplin said she wants to serve on the County Board to ensure that "our government serves the people and not the other way around."
"It's rare when you will find an individual working with a resident on a problem like contaminated water or a development that concerns them, so I think the people need somebody on their side," she said. "It can take a lot to get officials' attention. That's why I'm different from my colleagues. They all get endorsements from chambers of commerce and mayors, and I'm getting endorsements from citizens."

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Race for District 2 on DuPage County Board is wide open

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