Saturday, November 3, 2012

Naperville Sun Candidate Questionnaire

Do you believe the salary, benefits and pension plan provided for County Board members are appropriate for the part-time position? Why or why not?
Simply put this is a part time job, an elected position and public service. There is no justification for the $50,079 salary. I will fight to cut in half the salaries paid to all County Board members and I will either decline or donate to charity fifty percent of my after-tax salary for serving on the County Board.
Last December the board had the opportunity to eliminate their pensions but they opted to keep the taxpayer funded perk for themselves while in the same time frame they voted to reduce benefits for the full time county employees. A leader leads by example. As your DuPage County Board member I will not accept the taxpayer-funded health or pension benefits for my service and I will seek to abolish such benefits for members of the County Board.

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Naperville voters to cast ballots in three DuPage districts

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