Monday, November 5, 2012


Tomorrow is the big day.  I am going to need your help to get elected.  The ballot will read Vote for 3. I am asking friends and supporters to vote for me.  Vote one and done.    

I worked to bring a safe water supply to my neighborhood at an affordable price and with no annexation.  Some said that would never happen.  It took two and a half years, but it happened.

While serving on the DuPage Water Commission I earned of reputation for scrutinizing the financial statements  and for questioning its reliance on the countywide sales tax, which will be phased out and end in 2016.  A forensic audit praised me for my efforts for alerting the commission of the financial problems only to be rebuked by staff or fellow commissioners. 

This past year I worked with my neighbors to stop a commercial intrusion in our neighborhood.  It took seven months but after we made the case that this was not an appropriate location for a Walgreens, the petitioners withdrew their plans. 

When I am elected to the DuPage County Board I will work to reduce the tax payer funded bloated salaries and benefits for our part time elected officials.

I will work to eliminate waste and misuse and insist that our tax dollars are being used to benefit the people of DuPage County.

I will work to eliminate no bid contracts and introduce a Responsible Bidder Program.

I will work  to provide compassionate social service to our children, elderly, disabled, poor and our veterans.

I will work for the establishment and maintenance of sound environmental services andpromote economic development serving the best interest of all citizens.

Remember please vote Elizabeth (Liz) Chaplin. I am first on the ballot.  Vote one and done!

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