Saturday, August 24, 2013

DuPage County Ethics 101

When people hear the word lobbyists it represents all that is wrong with our government.  That is why when seeking to use lobbyists the process should be fair, open and transparent.

Thursday evening I gave public comment at the meeting of the DuPage County Election Commission .  I applauded the members of the Election Commission for seeking Request for Qualifications and Proposals from a variety of lobbying firms.  It is refreshing to see the Election Commission lead the path for good government in DuPage County. Commissioners and Executive Staff are listed  here.

The members of the Election Commission were not required to seek qualifications or proposals because lobbyists fall under professional services.  The Election Commission sought the requests because it was the right thing to do.  See meeting minutes here.

Our neighbor to the south, Will County, also has sought Request for Qualifications for lobbyists. Again, not because it is required, it is not, but because it is the right thing to do. View RFQ  here.

It is very important that citizens know that contracts aren’t being rewarded due to cronyism and favoritism, but rather based on merit and costs.

The DuPage County Board could learn a thing or two from the DuPage County Election Commission and Will County.  Going above and beyond of what is required, to assure the process is open, fair and transparent.

Last week the DuPage County Board handed out contracts to four lobbying firms.

You can read about the meeting here ...

In the spirit of transparency and accountability I believe that the DuPage County Board should seek Request for Qualifications and Proposals next year when our current lobbyists contract expire. I sent a request to the  Chairman of the Legislative Committee to place this item on the agenda at our next meeting for matters of discussion.   

For more on lobbyists you can read an article from Illinois Campaign for Political Reform you can here.

This is the first part of DuPage Ethics 101.  I will be posting DuPage Ethics 102 later this weekend...Stay tuned.....

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