Saturday, November 9, 2013

Election Commission News

The Daily Herald reports Judge strikes down state law on Lake Co. elections

Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor sued the Illinois state elections board and Foreman to keep Foreman from appointing people to the panel as prescribed by the law. The ruling also permanently enjoins Forman from appointing an elections commission.
“This decision is a big win for Lake County voters and taxpayers. The bottom line is what Springfield did was unconstitutional and demonstrates government at its worst,” Lawlor said in a statement.
“This ruling protects voters’ right to decide who administers elections like every other county in the state and avoid the creation of a new expensive government bureaucracy.”
You can read the full story here.
In other related news
The Illinois House votes to due away with Lake Co. Election Commission you can find more information by using provided link:
The Daily Herald also reports the following:
County clerks plus election boards costs suburbs
It would cost Lake County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars more to create an election commission mandated by the legislature, mainly in administrative salaries and benefits.  Read the full story here.
Number of  DuPage polling places reduced
As part of an ongoing effort to cut costs, the DuPage Election Commission has approved a plan to eliminate 71 polling places countywide. You can read more here.
The Daily Herald Editorial Board writes Reconsider separate election boards 
The cost of a separate county election commission is reason to oppose establishing one in Lake County, a Daily Herald editorial says. In fact, we're also wondering why DuPage County, Aurora and Chicago have separate election commissions. You can read the full Editorial here.

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