Friday, November 22, 2013

Prairie Food Co-op

Would you love a grocery store that:
  • Supports local farms and keeps money in our community?
  • Focuses on freshhealthywholesome food?
  • Serves as an educational resource for healthy living?
  • Is owned by YOU and gives you a VOTE in its decisions?
Then you should become a PRAIRIE FOOD CO-OP FOUNDING OWNER .  I am very excited to be an owner and to support the Prairie Food Co-op.

Why become a Prairie Food Co-op OWNER now?
Because we need Owners BEFORE we can move ahead with a feasibility study to determine the store location and move forward with opening the store. And, by becoming an owner now, YOU help determine where the co-op will be located. The PFC ownership base will have a strong influence on the location of the store.
CaptureThe folks who become owners during PFC’s early development—our ”organizing” phase—are special. Without them, Prairie Food co-op will never open (which is truly unthinkable!)
Recruiting our first 300 owners is a crucial step in proving we have the community support needed to open the store.
Our initial Owners Will Play a Crucial Role in Defining Prairie Food Co-op’s Future.
Our initial owners will be the ones who elect Prairie Food Co-op’s first permanent Board of Directors–and will also be the first ones eligible to serve as Board members.
Our initial Owners’ votes will set the direction for Prairie Food Co-op far into the future: our values, our goals, owner benefits, and the products, programs, and services to be offered.
You can find more information  here.

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