Friday, January 31, 2014

DuPage Committee Studies Graduated Income Tax

The state cannot raise the revenue it needs to meet the basic core services, not because these services have grown and are to expensive, it is because the revenue system has not allowed for adequate revenue growth.  The graduated income tax will allow the state to provide the services we need, reduce the debt and grow the economy.  

The Doings Newspaper reports the following

County Board member Laurie Nowak, a Democrat from Bartlett, wondered if the state’s financial condition was as dire as portrayed by Sandack, noting that the fourth quarter of 2013 had produced strong growth.

County Board member Elizabeth Chaplin, a Democrat from Grove, questioned whether the flat tax was really as fair as portrayed by those who want to retain the status quo. She said that recent years had seen cuts in services to seniors and education, and that when factoring in all the other taxes Illinois residents paid, the brunt of the tax burden fell on the shoulders of lower-earning taxpayers.

“It’s an unfair system,” she said. 

You can read the full story  here.

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