Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Keeping our seat at the Senate Bill 16 negotiating table

Ron Sandack's "vouchers or bust" response to Senate Bill 16 would leave our schools without effective representation during the tumultuous legislative debate that will surely ensue next spring.

Senate Bill 16 is unacceptable, however the status quo also is unacceptable. Illinois needs to increase its total appropriation for education.

Community Contributor Liz Chaplin for 
Chicago Tribune - Trib Local

The Illinois General Assembly will almost certainly address school funding issues, including Senate Bill 16, when it convenes next year. Whether our local schools here in the 81st District will have an effective advocate in Springfield will depend on who will be our representative after the November election.
In its current form, SB16 would reduce state aid to Community High School District 99 and its associated elementary school districts by nearly $11 million. The bill also would lop $9.4 million dollars in state aid from Naperville Community School District 203. The current proposal is to divert money to downstate school districts that face more severe fiscal pressure than most suburban schools.
You can read the full story here.

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