Monday, July 23, 2012

Why I am Running For DuPage County Board

My entry into DuPage County politics has evolved as a result of concern not design.
Beginning in July of 2001 when the IEPA told me that my well water was not contaminated and the DuPage County Health Department could not test private wells for Volatile Organic Chemicals I became involved.
Tested by a private company our well water had 3 times the legal limit of TCE and PCE.
I began telling my neighbors about the contamination which led to the formation of the Citizens Advisory Group and investigation by the IEPA and USEPA.  After many meetings and communications with all levels of government from the Village of Downers Grove thru the State over a period of two years approximately 800 homes received Lake Michigan water.
Those two years were filled with many frustrations and difficulties, as well as, countless hours of hard work until our goal was achieved. We were met with major difficulties during this time including: The initial lack of concern by the IEPA, the County Health Department not being able to test private wells, the Village of Downers Grove demanding annexation and the high cost for a safe water supply.  In the end we did receive Lake Michigan water without annexation and without excessive costs.
In addition to safe water we worked to assist Downers Grove in obtaining a grant of $700,000.00 to extend water mains in the unincorporated areas.  We spurred the passage of the Illinois Ground Water Protection Act requiring the State Department of Public Health to notify residents within 60 days of suspected contamination to allow residents wells to be tested.  We also recommended that the DuPage County Health Department test private wells for VOC’s, which the county has done.
In September of 2002 DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom appointed me to the DuPage Water Commission to fill the remainder of a vacant seat.  In June of 2004 I was reappointed to a full term on the board.  During my time on the DuPage Water Commission I never failed to voice my opinion and concerns and go against the majority when necessary.  I was the first DuPage Water Commission member to sound the alarm on the commission’s financial mismanagement.  Later a forensic audit confirmed my warnings and praised me for my efforts.  
More recently I worked along with a group of neighbors to defend the integrity of the Downers Grove Gardens neighborhood against a proposed commercial intrusion that would have lowered property values, increases traffic and compromised the safety on neighborhood streets.
My record demonstrates that I take the initiative and work tenaciously to build the broad consensus necessary to achieve results.  I believe that the sharing of information and open communication is necessary for good government. 
I realize that being a minority member of the DuPage County Board will not be a picnic.  I am well aware of what to except.  I am also aware that change requires effort.  We only fail if we do not try.
My success in working with prominent people, office holders and organizations at the local, county and state levels provides an established network necessary to continue my efforts for the citizens of District 2 and the entire county.
I will devote my efforts and support those who work for:
  • Rooting out of excessive government spending
  • Preservation of necessary county services for the children, elderly, disabled, veterans and poor
  • The repealing or change of antiquated or obsolete legislation
  • Monitoring and control of the structure of county taxes
  • Introduce a Responsible Bidder Program
  • The establishment and maintenance of sound environmental services
  • Promote economic development serving the best interest of all citizens

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