Thursday, February 13, 2014

More news on the graduated income tax

The Naperville Sun's Hank Beckman reports the following

DuPage County Board comes out against progressive income tax

“The state’s problems cannot be solve by cutting (spending) alone ... the state needs revenue,” County Board member Liz Chaplin (D-Downers Grove) said in opposition to the resolution.
Chaplin also said that the business of addressing the state income tax was “not germane to county business ... let the voters decide.”
Chaplin’s Democratic colleagues no the board backed her up completely.
“Nobody here is anti-business,” Tony Michelassi (D-Aurora), said, but he agreed with Chaplin that the matter was one best addressed by the General Assembly.
He also pointed out that the board had taken no action to keep Office Max in Naperville before they left and took their 1,600 Illinois jobs to Florida.
Michelassi accused some of those opposing a referendum of merely seeking a “credential for future office” and pointed out that some polls showed up to a 77 percent approval rating among the public for the graduated tax.

You can read the full story here

You can learn more about the progressive income tax here and here.

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