Friday, March 28, 2014

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What the reporter fails to mention are the concerns about the appearance of impropriety in correlation with the campaign contributions made by Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LTD to the many elected officials in DuPage County and that the Resolution passed by a vote of 15-3, Tony Michelassi (D) District 5, Laurie Nowak (D) District 6 and I voted no.  Member Michelassi spoke to the fact that all vendors are required to fill out an Ethics Disclosure Statement to "appear transparent" when the fact of the matter is the board rarely acts upon the appearance of impropriety.  "How many contributions is too many?" member Michelassi asked.  "I believe that this is too many and will be voting no, not because Christopher B. Burke Engineering is not qualified or because I do not support the project, I am voting no on the appearance of impropriety." 

The Daily Herald reports 

DuPage Taking Closer Look at Two Sanitary Districts

A new study will help DuPage County officials determine whether two sanitary districts serving residents in Lombard and Villa Park should continue operating as stand-alone entities.
County board members on Tuesday agreed to hire Christopher B. Burke Engineering to assess the operations of the Highland Hills and Salt Creek sanitary districts. As part of the $69,496 contract, the engineering firm also will evaluate potential cost savings through shared services or consolidation.

You can read the rest of story here.

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