Monday, February 9, 2015

Governor Rauner Visits DuPage County

While not really knowing what to expect from Governor Rauner's first official visit to DuPage County I thought it was important that I attend. The event was held in my district and I was eager to hear what the Governor had to say about the State and more importantly, DuPage County.  The funny thing was, DuPage County was not mentioned once in the speech.  No talk of working with the elected officials in DuPage County to make sure our constituents needs are met or what plans he has for DuPage.  Unlike in the State of the State Address, today's speech was void of any talk or praise about DuPage County's ACT Initiative.

What was mentioned in the speech many times was Texas, Wisconsin and Indiana.  Are these the states we want to emulate?  I certainly do not wish that, but I feel that is going to be the fate of our State. 

"We are going to be the greatest state in the country, ready to compete with Texas and Wisconsin." -  
Bruce Rauner

Workmen's compensation, trial lawyer's, unemployment, liability systems and conflict of interest were hot topics.   

Although the governor said he will not advocate for Right to Work and his grandfather was a "union guy", he did talk about "Employment Empowerment Zones".  Don't let that fool you, "Employment Empowerment Zones"  targets unions and prevailing wage.

Education was touched upon. The Governor wants to reward good teachers and pay them based on performance.  I did like and agree with the Governor about bringing vocational training back to our high schools. 

The Governor ended his speech asking that we all get behind him and support his agenda, talk to our neighbors, knock on doors and even go to Springfield to help him fulfill this mission. Although there were a few things that I agreed with and could support, I can't support his agenda; I will be taking a pass on that request.

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  1. It was disappointing that there were not unions and Democrats picketing the Rauner event. All the TV stations were there. The Governor asked the audience to call and support his agenda. I say call and tell him that you do NOT support his agenda. He did make a point of saying he wants IL to be strong like...TEXAS, Wisconsin and even Indiana. Call and tell him we do not want to be reduced to the level of those states. Indiana does not even plow highways.....Call and tell the Governor what you think 217 782-0244.