Friday, February 13, 2015

Questions Arise About 116.4 Million Dollars Savings from DuPage County's ACT Initiative

During the February 10 DuPage County Strategic Planning committee meeting, several questions and comments arose with regards to the savings from the ACT Initiative. For example, the elimination of the DuPage County Water Commission sales tax was done by legislation. Senate Bill 580 (Public Act 96-1389) was signed into law on July 30, 2010.  The ACT Initiative was introduced in May of 2012. Although former Senator Dan Cronin,current DuPage County Chairman, sponsored the legislation, this legislation is not part of the ACT Initiative and should not be presented as such. 

It is almost impossible to project savings out  20 years when we have no idea as to what the financial or political climate will be, "I am not comfortable throwing out numbers that have risen from 80 million to 100 million to 116.4 million," I said.  I asked for an audit or something from our financial department that shows two years of savings and exactly where these savings came from.

We learned the projected savings numbers are based on budgeted numbers, not actual numbers.  We have based  savings on manufactured budget numbers rather than what was actually spent.  Staff has been given direction to run the savings on actual numbers.  My colleague  Brian Krajewski said "we don't want to fool anybody," and I agree. 

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