Monday, June 25, 2012

Chaplin Announces Candidacy for DuPage County Board District 2

Chaplin Announces Candidacy for DuPage County Board District 2
Former DuPage County Water Commission watch dog Liz Chaplin has kicked off her campaign for the District 2 seat on the DuPage County Board. 
“As your County Board member, I will cut salaries and end benefits for County Board members, eliminate single-bid contracts to political insiders, and continue my fight to reduce your taxes,” said Chaplin.
Chaplin, who served on the Water Commission board from 2002 to 2010, was instrumental in sounding the alarm on that agency’s financial mismanagement and is looking to bring the same scrutiny and accountability to the DuPage County Board.  
“We must eliminate from the county budget big-paying positions with big offices, big titles and very little work,” she said. “As your representative on the DuPage County Board every dollar will be spent to benefit the people of DuPage County.”

Chaplin will work to reduce County Board member salaries and benefits while improving services to taxpayers. “I will work to reduce the full-time salary of part-time board members to half the current amount of $50,079,” she said. 
“I will also work to eliminate members’ pension and benefits,” Chaplin said. “The annual savings from reducing salaries would be more than $450,000, plus many tens of thousands more would be saved by cutting the pension and benefits.”  Chaplin has pledged to refuse a County pension or benefits once elected to the board. 
Chaplin would like to see more businesses given the opportunity to benefit from the millions spent by DuPage County every year. “As a member of the DuPage County Board I will work to eliminate single-bid contracts going to favored companies and ensure that more companies in DuPage County are considered,” she said.
Chaplin has been involved in civic concerns for more than a decade. Following the 2001 discovery of contaminated well water in southwest Downers Grove, she spearheaded the effort to bring a safe water supply to over 800 homes.  
From 2001 to 2003, Chaplin served as the president of the Citizens Advisory Group, representing the residents in meetings with the Village of Downers Grove, DuPage County, DuPage Water Commission and the IEPA. More recently, she assisted citizens in successfully fighting a proposal to build a new Walgreens in a residential neighborhood at 63rd Street and Woodward Avenue Downers Grove.
Chaplin and her husband, Brian, a third-generation member of IBEW Local 701, have lived in Downers Grove for more than 20 years. They are the parents of Ellena 16, Grace, 14, and Adam, 12.
For the past 16 years Chaplin has been employed at Windy City Wire, where she currently works part-time in the accounts payable department. Liz is a past president of Midwest Ballet Theatre and, with her husband, is a long-time volunteer for the organization. Chaplin also has been a member of the Downers Grove Junior Women’s Club, second vice president of the Indian Trail PTA, and a religious education instructor at St. Joseph’s Church.
Chaplin intends to apply her experience as a mother, community activist and DuPage Water Commissioner to improve the operations of DuPage County.  “My interest in DuPage County government has evolved out of my concern for the apparent lack of fiscal responsibility by County Board members as reflected in their big salaries and pensions,” she said. 
“The board’s questionable bidding practices and apparent favoritism are unacceptable,” she said. “Rewarding the taxpayer with improved services should be the top priority.”
Chaplin welcomes the support of all District 2 residents and request their vote on November 6. Citizens are welcome to contact her and the campaign at .

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