Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Better Government Association Watchdog Training

Last night the citizens of DuPage County had the rare opportunity to attend watchdog training by the Better Government Association held in DuPage.  The evening started off with an excellent presentation from Andy Shaw.  The energy in the room was amazing.  The speakers used lots of humor and related well to the audience.

The BGA has done many investigations in DuPage County.  Many of the investigations tie into my recent statement of candidacy.

BGA has investigated Double Dipping in DuPage County (October 15, 2011) Several county board members draw public-sector salaries and stand to draw dual pensions.

Protecting a Perk in DuPage (December 19, 2011) DuPage County Board members could have taken a big step towards halting their taxpayer funded pensions, but opted to keep the potentially lucrative benefit.

DuPage Stormwater Director Backed Contracts for Firm Employing his Wife (September 16, 2011)  The stormwater management headed by Anthony Charlton, has recommended Wills Burke Kelsey, which employ's Charlton's wife, as a consultant for stomwater projects totaling $534,209.00.

Law Firms Donates to DuPage Board members, Wins Contract (January 30, 2011) Nine of the 15 DuPage County board members who approved a no-bid contract for an Itasca Law Firm to help redraw the county's electoral map have accepted contributions from the group or its attorneys.

As stated earlier this week I will not accept the taxpayer funded pension or benefits and I will work to reduce the salary for this part time position.

As a DuPage County Board member I will work to eliminate single bid contracts to favored companies.

Being elected to office is a privilege.  When elected to office you are elected to represent the people and to serve them.  It seems that more often than not our elected officials are serving themselves and their friends.

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