Sunday, June 10, 2012


In any relationship whether it is a marriage, a soccer team, dancers and our government there must be trust, for trust is a fundamental element of a successful relationship.
If a marriage lacks trust the marriage will fail.  If a soccer player does not trust his team mates the team will lose, if a dancer does not trust her partner the dancer will fall.  Fail, lose and fall this is what will happen to our government if there is a lack of trust between the citizens and its government.
Nothing is perfect.  Being transparent and free with information is a good start to improving the system.  When our government distributes our tax dollars to other entities I believe that those entities have a duty to disclose how those funds are being used.
Serving on a board of a non profit organization the non profit has been the recipient of grants.  When applying for these grants the grantor wants a detailed explanation of how the funds will be used. Some of the grants received have stipulations.  Some of the grants require that we distribute a certain amount of tickets to low income families, some of the grants require that the funds are used for education of the students, some of the funds are to go back to investment in the organization.  
In times when every tax need tax dollar is drawn out of the hard working tax payer it is imperative that we know where are tax dollars are going.  Any recipient of tax dollars should have to disclose how they are using these funds.
DuPage County Board should insist that any entity that receives tax dollars post their budgets on line and that these entities also abide by the Freedom of Information Act.
By DuPage County implementing these simple ideas, it would be a giant step in gaining the publics trust.

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