Monday, June 11, 2012

Elmhurst City Meeting

I have been posting about Elmhurst Mayor Pete DiCianni and the issues surrounding serving as a Mayor and a County Board member at the same time.
Tonight I attended the City of Elmhurst Committee of the Whole meeting and Finance Committee meeting with Don Kirchenberg, Democratic Candidate for DuPage County Board District 2 and my daughter Ellie. 
The Finance Committee has been discussing whether to restrict City Council members to one elected position.  The next meeting on this will be on June 25th.
I have also been following the issue closely on the Elmhurst Patch where they have a very well informed group of citizens who have done an excellent job at educating the rest of us on the issue.  
Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting and thanking these folks for all their hard work and efforts in bringing this important issue to the forefront!

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  1. Ms. Chaplin,

    All of us that have been working to oppose and defeat this dual elected duty effort appreciated your presence on Monday night. Thank you.

    Tony Meneses