Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Petitioner Withdraws Walgreens Request

After months of attending meetings, submitting many FOIA requests, walking around petitions this chapter of the saga has ended.  We have a lot more work to do on holding our elected officials accountable  and demanding that the complete process is transparent.  But in the meantime....Thank you to my neighbors who, once again, banded together to work for the common good.  Below is an email received today from Doug Kozlowski, Communications Director, Village of Downers Grove:

Good morning,

Please be advised that the petitioner has withdrawn their petition for the proposed Walgreens development at 63rd Street and Woodward Avenue.  There will be no further consideration of this matter by the Village.  The withdrawal notification from the Attorney for the petitioner is attached. 


Doug Kozlowski, Communications Director 
Village of Downers Grov

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  1. The bottom line resulting in Walgreen's withdrawal and acknowledgement of community concerns is that the residential community and nearby school with 300+ children and staff will be safer because the streets that are designed for residential traffic will remain residential. Congrats to all that spoke up and fought to keep their streets and families safe.
    IDEA if Walgreens wants a new store in that area why don't they do what Jewel did on Ogden just west of Main? Build a new store on the site of the current Walgreens at Belmont and 63rd?