Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Respect and Being Kind

Respect and Being Kind
Today my son brought home his report card.  In the comment section the teacher noted that Adam was respectful and kind to all in his class.  I told him to never loss those qualities.  
I started thinking about how that relates to those in public service.  It seems that many of those elected to serve don’t have these qualities.  The compassion, caring and integrity that once where considered important have turned to rude, egotistical and untrustworthy behavior.
Many have accepted this type of behavior from our elected officials.  I have even come across people making excuses for this type of behavior.  
We need people that can empathize with others.  We need to elect people that are concerned with the common good.  We need to elected people that have integrity and that are individuals.

If we don’t start demanding more from our elected leaders things will never change.

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