Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another Metra Applicant Ignored

"We at DuPage County believe that sunshine is fundamental to government operations, and for that reason we have created the  ACT Transparency Portal . "
"As we intensify our efforts to transform local government under the DuPage ACT Initiative, I invite you to submit an application to be part of the Citizens Service Team. To open the application for appointment simply click "Nominate yourself for a board/commission" on the top right side of this page under Citizens Service Team."

What a great opportunity. I see Metra as a much safer, better run, less in the news commuter railroad. For nearly 2 decades I have worked with some of Metra's employees, locomotive engineers, conductors, directors of safety, through my involvement with the DuPage Railroad Safety Council. They too want a railroad they can take pride in. I am a licensed CPA, have many insurance and securities licenses, a former Marine, etc. It is now over 2 weeks since I applied to be a Metra Board member because I believe I can help bring about positive change. I have yet to hear a word from DuPage County Chairman Dan Cronin's office where I submitted my application. I am a fairly new Facebook user, but hear that it is a powerful tool. Can it help in my quest to be a Metra Board member? George Swimmer-Downers Grove

From the Chicago Sun-Times:


Mary FitzGerald Ozog said she encountered an application process that so lacked “transparency” that she thinks transit board members should be elected.

However, Ozog questioned why DuPage County Board officials didn’t publicly post the opening and closing dates of their Metra application process, as some other county officials have.
Her transit experience, Ozog said, includes working as a “planner” at both CTA and Metra 
and visiting “99 percent” of Metra’s stations.

You can read the complete story here.

The “top candidate” is “far superior to any other candidate who has applied, has more relevant and recent transit experience, including leadership roles” and “will have the confidence of the members of the DuPage County Board,’’ Pardonnet said.

Well, I am not so sure of that. It  appears that the two citizens who applied are very qualified and have working knowledge of Metra.  

Will Mr. Swimmer be granted an interview after the fact as well?

How many other citizens took time to fill out an application only to be ignored?  

For a transparent process The Daily Herald Reports:

With Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen promising a more thorough vetting of applicants, a four-member review panel was given the task Wednesday of reviewing 41 applications by area residents seeking appointments to the Metra and RTA boards.

You can read more here.

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