Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ethics 103 - Appointments to Boards

By reading the DuPage County website one would believe that the appointment process is open and fair.

"We at DuPage County believe that sunshine is fundamental to government operations, and for that reason we have created the  ACT Transparency Portal . "
"As we intensify our efforts to transform local government under the DuPage ACT Initiative, I invite you to submit an application to be part of the Citizens Service Team. To open the application for appointment simply click "Nominate yourself for a board/commission" on the top right side of this page under Citizens Service Team."

From yesterday's Chicago Sun-Times :

DuPage officials grant Metra Board hopeful interview — after slot will be Filled

Mary FitzGerald Ozog said she encountered an application process that so lacked “transparency” that she thinks transit board members should be elected.

The “top candidate” is “far superior to any other candidate who has applied, has more relevant and recent transit experience, including leadership roles” and “will have the confidence of the members of the DuPage County Board,’’ Pardonnet said.

However, Ozog questioned why DuPage County Board officials didn’t publicly post the opening and closing dates of their Metra application process, as some other county officials have.
Her transit experience, Ozog said, includes working as a “planner” at both CTA and Metra 
and visiting “99 percent” of Metra’s stations.

Addressing the Northeastern Illinois Transit Task Force, Ozog said she wrote the office of DuPage County Chairman Dan Cronin to apply for the vacant Metra DuPage County seat the day after Paul Darley resigned it. The Chicago Sun-Times, reports.

You can read the rest of the story here.

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