Friday, September 6, 2013

Metra Appointment - Three's A Charm

From todays Chicago Tribune:

Another DuPage County resident stepped forward today, complaining that he asked last month to be considered for an appointment to Metra's board but never heard back from County Chairman Dan Cronin, who plans to name a fellow politician to the post.
Lombard resident Mike Corso said that as a 27-year Metra rider, he was interested in applying for DuPage's vacant seat on Metra's board because he was concerned about the quality and cost of service.
Corso, 48, who serves as a volunteer on Lombard's transportation and safety committee, obtained a letter of recommendation from Lombard's village president, and offered to forgo the $15,000 salary for Metra board members.

You can find the full story here.

You can find more information herehere and here.

Will Mr. Swimmer and Mr. Corso be granted interview's after the fact as well?

How many other citizens took time to fill out an application only to be ignored? 

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