Monday, September 16, 2013

Metra News

The Daily Herald Editorial Board writes about the Metra appointment process.  Please be sure to read the entire piece.  The Editorial Board points out  "refreshing change comes from Cook County".

You can read the entire Editorial below:

Editorial: Glimmers of light for Metra

The Daily Herald reports on Metra interim director Don Oreseno.  Oreseno is a third- generation railroader.  He was interviewed about running an ethical agency plus: Train delays, service expansion, fair increases and customer service.

The interview also goes into how he will deal with politicians who ask him to hire a particular person.

His answers are refreshing, you can read the full story below:

Metra interim CEO seeks patience, trust

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  1. Liz: just saw the Daily Herald story today. Stay strong, and keep speaking up for the voters who elected you. GO LIZ.
    thanks, Mary Fitzgerald Ozog