Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Talk About Frustrated

In response to DuPage County Board Chairman, Dan Cronin claims that I have been neglectful in my duties as Public Transit Chairman. The facts are  in the month of July all meetings held after July 9, 2013 were cancelled, we took a three week haitus. The board did not meet again until August.  

I did hold a June meeting and I did schedule the September meeting just this Monday, the day before our board meeting.

I did cancel the August meeting.  Communications between myself and the Public Transit staff determined that at the time there was no need to meet.  In fact, any meeting that has been cancelled was based on communications between myself and the Public Transit staff. 

The Chairman of the Public Transit Committee has no appointment powers.  The Chairman of DuPage County does.

On August 16, 2013 I was told that "the Chairman had attended the Metra Board meeting to speak in public comment.  His intent was to represent DuPage County because we were currently unrepresented on that board." I was not invited to attend this meeting with the Chairman. I was also told "the Chairman was vetting candidates for Metra and they would have a nominee before me soon."  That never happened.  The Chairman never included me in the process.  I was never invited or asked my opinion on any matters related to Metra.  

Even though most board members took the month of July off, I was in attendance at the Tuesday July 27, 2013  DuPage Mayor and Managers Transportation Policy Committee and Transit Plan Implementation Team meeting.  Although not a member of this committee I do attend when my schedule permits.  Being a new board member I believe that it is important to attend these meetings to get a better understanding of public transit.

On June 18, 2013 I attended the  RTA Strategic Plan open house.  I believe that myself and Dan Thomas were the only representation from DuPage County.
Before today I was unaware of  DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin concerns with Metra or my leadership on the Public Transit Committee.

People can criticize me for many things, but I believe questioning my work ethic and working on behalf of the citizens of DuPage County is going to be a hard sell.  

You can find read more about the board meeting here and here.

To find out what I have been working on in the Public Transit committee you can read from June 20, 2013 blog post:

Public Transit and Liquor Commission News

As Chairman of the Public Transit Committee,  easing traffic congestion in DuPage is a priority.  One way to ease traffic would be to increase PACE Bus usage.  Below is a link to the story in the DailyHerald.

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  1. I'm not surprised, Liz. Blowing smoke to cover his own tracks.