Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Appointment Process

"We at DuPage County believe that sunshine is fundamental to government operations, and for that reason we have created the  ACT Transparency Portal . "
"As we intensify our efforts to transform local government under the DuPage ACT Initiative, I invite you to submit an application to be part of the Citizens Service Team. To open the application for appointment simply click "Nominate yourself for a board/commission" on the top right side of this page under Citizens Service Team."

You can fill out an application, but you won't be considered, read more here.  Don't feel too bad, the DuPage County Board members are completely shut out of the process as well.  

Board members do not know who or how many citizens applied for the Metra vacancy.   The only information the board receives is the name and application of the individual the Chairman nominates.  

For a transparent and open process check out the story in todays Daily Herald.  Kudos to Kane County.

The Daily Herald Reports:

With Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen promising a more thorough vetting of applicants, a four-member review panel was given the task Wednesday of reviewing 41 applications by area residents seeking appointments to the Metra and RTA boards.

Lauzen called for an open application process, which ended Tuesday. He received a total of 41 applications — 20 for one board and 21 for the other.
"We got a group of applicants in that I think is just terrific," Lauzen said. "If you go over these resumes, it makes you proud to be a resident in Kane County. It's really an impressive group of folks."
A four-member, bipartisan panel of county board members will get the first crack at narrowing the pool of applicants down to three or four finalists. Lauzen will then select one Metra appointee and one RTA board appointee from those finalists. The full county board must then take a vote on whomever Lauzen selects.
You can read more here.

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